New hair, New me

My Pink Hair

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all feeling good, that you enjoyed yourselves this weekend and that you are now full of positive energy! If you asked me about my weekend, I would say that these last few days I was beyond happy because I spent them with my favourite people and because of  the change in my hair!

Purple and blonde
So... these last few months I had the desire to be unpredictable and change the way I look. I always wanted to dye my hair an intense colour and pink was perfect for me. I was pretty nervous because it was kind of bold but at the same time really exciting.
 Last year I had decided to highlight my hair blonde but it didn't work out so I was disappointed. Then in December I took the decision to  highlight my hair purple, I absolutely loved the colour but I was kind of sad because it wasn't intense. Long story short, those experiences led me to the way my hair is today.
My New Look!
By saying that I want to describe to you my feelings before and after the result. Before the outcome I was anxious and I had a lot of doubts because it was risky and I didn't want to look ridiculous. I am easily affected by others opinions so this is a problem for me. On the other side I was optimistic and I believed that I would love the colour and that I would be really happy with the result. Thank god that my optimistic side won. I know that it might seem silly to be nervous of something like that but sometimes my insecurity and my doubts can bring out the worst in me. Nevertheless I was satisfied with the way I looked and I felt really confident and in the same time happy with myself and the hairdresser,
By writing this post I wanted to inspire you not to be afraid of changes and to be happy with yourselves.
Take care of yourselves and most important be optimistic


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