3 Ways to be less Indecisive

Difficult Decisions

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all feeling good, that you enjoyed yourselves these past few days and that you are now full of positive energy. Today I decided to make a post about a problem that I have to face every single day of my life and it is called decisions.

I believe that you are familiar with this kind of problem because let's be honest every living person has to make at least one desicion per day and this decision will affect directly or indrectly his day,week ,year or even his whole life. So by saying that we should be very careful when we are in this position. 
Unfortunately some people including myself are indesicive, that means they can't choose between two options because both of these benefit them or both of these might hurt them. For example last week I couldn't decide between chocolate and pizza, I know that it might seem kind of foolish but I was torn between those two options and I couln't make up my mind. So..... I came up with three ways  that might help me be less indecisive.....

1. Make a list with pros and cons 
That can easily help you with your problem because you will write down the advanatges and disadvantages of every option and you will come up to a conclusion. This is very efficient and it will surely save you some time. However this option is more likely to be executed in a place where everything is quiet so that you can think more clearly and focus on your list

2. Ask your friends' opinions

Personally this was for me the best solution for foolish and difficult decisions because I gathered a lot of opinions and then I could come up to a desicion. I didn't have to concentrate on my decisions and also this gesture showed how much my friends cared about me because of their willingness to help me.

3. Clear your mind and justify your decision

This will absolutely help you because you will erase every problem that you have and you will focus on  your decision. The distructions can blur your judgment and make you take the wrong decision so this is the best way. Also by justifying your answer you have the time to check on it and even change your mind.

So these three ways had helped me in so many situations that I can't even count. They are my life saviors,  because of them I have made a lot of difficult decisions such as going to school or not, becoming friends with her or not, getting away from the toxic friendship or not. I hope that in some way I had helped you with your problems.
Take care of yourselves and always be optimistic!


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